The 5 Fundamentals to a Successful MSP Website

Pete Matheson is back delivering the essential checklist your MSP should follow for optimal website success.

1. Be clear on what you do

It should be obvious, don't be cryptic or unclear; if you want to hold your reader's attention, don't make them work hard.

2. Contact information

Similar to above, make it visible and apparent, you want your reader to contact you, make it easy for them and yourself.

3. Photos and personality

People generally don't respond to stock imagery; they are more interested in seeing the personality and the people behind the business, it helps build trust.

4. Accreditations and awards

It's essential to show your achievements and highlight to your reader that you are good at what you do.

5. Testimonials

Real reviews from real people go a long way in helping you gain new business, make it a priority.

The pointers don't stop there!

We have thrown in 4 bonuses to increase your MSP website marketing success:

  1. The importance of a call to action (CTA) on every page
  2. Video marketing. Why? Find out here
  3. Copy for websites: avoid being overly wordy
  4. Quick social media wins: add your social media links to encourage readers to follow you

Can you tick off these crucial steps to making your website the best it can be? Find out if your website is up to scratch in our latest video with Pete Matheson.

Discover the 5 website essentials here.

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