Why choose HubSpot Marketing Pro over HubSpot Marketing Starter?

HubSpot is a market-leading software application that is designed for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot has opened the door to marketing and selling success for businesses worldwide; it's no wonder it's a multi-million dollar company.

HubSpot is great for businesses of all sizes and offers packages that cater to your business needs. Both HubSpot Marketing Starter and Pro offer various innovative features all in one hub, meaning all your marketing is in one place, streamlining your internal marketing processes.

But which is the better option: HubSpot Marketing Pro or HubSpot Marketing Starter?

HubSpot Marketing Starter


Although limited to a set number of features, you have access to all the basic needs a marketeer could want for a small business. You can:

  • Attract your audience with relevant content using landing pages
  • Manage your ad campaigns
  • Live chat with your audience
  • Create forms 

You can also seamlessly connect with your leads through their website activity on your page. This gives you smart email health analytics, helping you to understand what content's working and what isn't, allowing you to make strategic adjustments.

If you are new to marketing and unsure where to start, HubSpot Starter is ideal. It provides a decent amount of marketing tools to elevate your business into the marketing space.


This sounds promising, but you'll realise that your marketing potential is limited once you have done all the above. For example, you won't be able to create automation for nurturing or automatically lead score contacts within your database. If you want to get the basics running first, Starter could be for you. If you are seeking to propel your business into the future, stay ahead of your competitors, and ensure business growth, HubSpot Marketing Pro can make this happen.

HubSpot Marketing Pro

With HubSpot Marketing Pro, you have significantly more options. It's the superhuman version of HubSpot starter and will help you out-market your competitors.

HubSpot Marketing Pro can help with

  • Blog creation
  • SEO recommendations and optimisations
  • Content strategy
  • Marketing workflows
  • Full marketing automation
  • Smart integrations
  • Social media
  • Analytics and reporting

And so much more.

Essentially this means, you will have a vast online presence through your website, blogs, social media, and SEO. By fully automating your marketing processes, this enables you to streamline your marketing workload. HubSpot Marketing Pro also offers optimised conversion rates and custom reports built to show you how you are performing in all elements of your marketing. With HubSpot Marketing Pro, you can truly master the art of marketing.

Conclusion – which should I choose?

Choosing between HubSpot Marketing Starter and Pro is all based on your business size and budget. We believe the key difference between the two is the ability to do both workflows and automation within Pro that can’t be done in Starter.

For example, have you wanted to automate an email campaign out to prospects who download your eBook? Or automatically score leads based on how many times they email or interact with your business? This can be achieved through Pro using workflows and automation.

Naturally some businesses aren’t at the stage of implementing workflows, and Starter might be more appropriate, but if you are, then Pro is the version for you.

Generate new leads, enable growth, and give your business the best possible chance at marketing success with HubSpot Marketing Pro. Our marketing experts are eager to help your business grow through smart marketing solutions.

If you are interested in finding out more about which subscription is best suited to your business, talk to a member of our team.

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