Why a Website Is the Digital Backbone of your MSP

Before working at Continuity, I spent three years at a fast-growing MSP, responsible for their marketing activities. And a total of 7 years marketing in the IT channel. I have written this article to share my experience and why I believe your website is the backbone of your MSP marketing success. A few years ago, a company website was only for big blue-chip organisations with the money to have one. This left small businesses to magazine and radio ads, and to get by through word of mouth. Pretty quickly, a website became an absolute necessity for all businesses - but why?  As an IT managed service provider, I think it’s okay to assume that people expect you to have a fancy website with all the bells and whistles. However, understanding how your website acts as a digital backbone, supporting new business wins and staff retention and recruitment, is what will separate you from the competition…

“I struggle to find and keep the right staff”

At the start of my career, I spent a lot of time looking on many different websites whilst on the job hunt, especially before interviews. Your website is the first place a potential candidate will go. If they’re greeted by page after page of services, listing endless features and benefits of antivirus software, they will lose interest faster than you can arrange that first interview.  Let them know what you’re about, show them the cool stuff you do outside and inside of office hours. Don’t leave it all to LinkedIn. Spread your company culture across your website, show off your values and how you implement them every day. Let candidates know it’s a great place to work before they even walk through the door. 

“Where are my new business leads?”

It’s no secret that many MSPs struggle with lead generation. I don’t think Continuity would exist if they didn’t. MSP owners need new business wins to grow, and to continue to provide great services to their existing clients. So how do you get more leads?    Where is the first place a decision maker visits during/after a new business call?  Where do your costly online ad campaigns link to? Where do your email marketing campaigns link to?  Where do the majority of your social media posts link back to?     At the very least every MSP should have a website to let the world know who they are and what they do - but all of your competitors are already doing that. What does your MSP website have that “Value IT Ltd.” across the city doesn’t? What is going to make those visitors convert? Why does your MSP deserve their contact details?    Don’t waste your valuable marketing investment on sending prospects to a sub-optimal site. Optimise, evolve, and take pride in your online presence. 
Above are two powerful reasons to start considering your website as a valuable business asset. Let’s talk about what your MSP website is missing, that will boost lead gen, and attract the right people to your team. Book a video call today.

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