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As an MSP, you’re defined by your customer relations – and the best ones begin with a strong first impression. Put your MSP centre stage and humanise your brand with powerful, personable video marketing that connects you and your clients.

With Continuity Video, you’re at the front of your prospect’s mind with authentic, authoritative marketing. 

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By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer
internet traffic — 15 times higher than it was in 2017.


Here are 5 benefits
to incorporating video
into your marketing

Trust 1

Video builds trust and familiarity

People do business with MSPs they know and trust. Plus, if a prospect is already familiar with your content, that initial sales call will feel infinitely warmer. This makes video the ideal medium for introducing a cold audience to your business. Plus, in today’s age of remote work, showing your human self is more important than ever.


Share your content 2

It’s more sharable and versatile

People really like sharing videos. A message delivered in punchy, audio-visual form is particularly watchable and always welcome in someone's inbox or social feed. Plus, it can be shared many more places than a blog. Beyond social feeds and emails, it can live within websites, YouTube channels, and more. Sections of it can even be chopped up and repurposed for ads. Plus, it’s a great medium for presenting a company overview in new business meetings.

Stand out 3

Video stands out

Not a lot of MSPs do video marketing, let alone do it well. This means video can be a huge differentiator. Plus, if you’re an early adopter, your reputation can quickly become streets ahead of your competition.

Bring concepts to life 4

Video is a great way to bring complex concepts, products, and services to life

Only video can combine text, pictures, and speech into one message. This makes it the perfect tool for explaining ideas and technology that might be tricky to grasp when delivered as text.

Not everyone is a reader 5

Not everyone’s a reader

Not everyone reads blogs or reports. And even those that do would rather watch a short video. Make sure nobody is deprived of your MSP’s message by delivering it in a medium they’re 100% comfortable with.

First impressions count

Studies have shown time and again that we make our first impressions within the first few seconds of meeting someone. When it comes to your MSP, your audience is no different. With each of our video packages, our goal is to make such an impact.


CV - video review

Video Audit and Strategy

Do you have a piece of video content that you feel might be missing a trick? Or maybe you’ve got a YouTube channel that needs some optimisation. Our review service will give you a second pair of eyes and bucketload of actionable advice that’ll improve your video’s performance and/or quality. We will also put together a high level strategy for video marketing going forwards.


90 Second Overview

This is a carefully scripted elevator pitch incorporating an introduction to your MSP, what sets you apart from your competition, your top accolades, and anything else that primes prospects to talk business with you. These will all be performed on-premise, face to face.


Video Case Study

Nothing builds trust in your MSP more than evidence of happy customers. Assemble your happiest and we’ll conduct interviews that unearth their most impressive feedback. This can be performed remotely or face to face.

CV - case study


Since recruiting top talent can be highly competitive, to hire the best engineers, you’ll want to look the best. Plus, by combining scripting, interviews, and expert videography of your office, we’ll present the top reasons why a new recruit would be mad not to work for you. We recommend these are filmed on site so as to present your work environment as stylishly and professionally as possible.

CV - welcome video

You Shoot We Edit

Are you itching to hit record but not quite sure what to do with the footage after? Maybe you’ve got a backlog of video content that you just want to get out there? Maybe you’ve got a range of different assets and you think they might make a quality video. Or maybe you’re just low on time and want to produce video content now. Whatever the situation, hand it over to us and we’ll turn it into polished, finished video content.


Bespoke Content Plans

There’s a lot more to video marketing than publishing one offs. With a video strategy in place, you can build your MSP’s authority and reputation as you would with any content marketing strategy. The difference being that video is typically more sharable, has higher engagement metrics, and can easily be published across multiple platforms: YouTube, social media, your own website, and more. We can offer everything from content ideation and scripting to analytics and optimisation. If you want to stand out from your competitors and be the MSP everyone talks about, this is the package for you.

Find out what video has to offer

Marketopia (formally Continuity Marketing) can incorporate video within your current marketing strategy or offer a range of one-off video services. If you’re keen on taking advantage of everything video has to offer, click below to talk with one of our team members today.

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